Conspiracy Files – Case 2 – Part 1 – Did Russia Hack the US Election?

I have always had an interest in conspiracies, I think it started from watching the X-Files. I have decide to do posts on contemporary conspiracies, partly for a little fun but also I think they are an interesting feature of modern society. I say modern, I suspect that they are as old as human society. I will apply my academic experience to reviewing the evidence, in a slightly humorous way, but also I think it is interesting to look at these things with a critical view. Each case will also have a YouTube video and a Google doc of source material to go with it.

Case 2: Did Russia Hack the US Election?

This case it that of the possible Russian involvement in the leaking of the DNC emails. For this podcast I only look only at the possibilities of the Russians being behind the email leaks, not at the potential for interference with the voting machines. We will save that for another time, in fact just the emails might take more than one podcast.

There is a growing narrative in the press behind the idea that their was Russian involvement in the leaking of the DNC emails, including the Clinton emails. This possibility is now being pushed more strongly by the White House and the Clinton team. This is subtly different from the Russians ‘hacking’ the election. We are only talking about the Russians being the source of the emailed DNC emails, which is thought by some to have materially damaged the Clinton election campaign. We also take a look into how close Trump is to Russia, and what evidence there is for that link. One other thing to bare in mind is that this only damaged the Clinton campaign because there was damaging things in the emails.

A Google doc with some source material is available here, and the podcast is below.

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