Conspiracy Files – Case 1 – Julian Assange and Wikileaks

I have always had an interest in conspiracies, I think it started from watching the X-Files. I have decide to do posts on contemporary conspiracies, partly for a little fun but also I think they are an interesting feature of modern society. I say modern, I suspect that they are as old as human society. I will apply my academic experience to reviewing the evidence, in a slightly humorous way, but also I think it is interesting to look at these things with a critical view. Each case will also have a YouTube video and a Google doc of source material to go with it.

Case 1: Is Julian Assange dead or been abducted? Has Wikileaks been taken over by the CIA? What are the insurance files?

This is an intriguing case, and I suspect it is mostly down to timing. Julian Assange was instrumental in the release of the Clinton and Democrat party emails. As this, and the US election, was coming to a head Julian had his internet connection cut off by the Ecuadorian state. He also received a visit from Pamela Anderson with a sandwich. Shortly after Mr Assange disappeared from the internet, and thus essentially disappeared as that is largely the only medium that we hear from him on. It took a short while but the conspiracy theory that Assange had been killed or abducted, and that Wikileaks had been taken over by the CIA. Although that conspiracy has been floating around for a while.

This combined with tweets of strange codes, the release of insurance files, and the talk of dead man switches, is fuel to the conspiracy fire. Even though people, including Micheal Moore, have reported that they have spoken with or met with Assange, and even a recording of him giving a speech have not extinguished the fire. As these are not indisputable evidence of his safety. It is even possible that if he does reappear (which I suspect he will) that some will consider him and Wikileaks forever compromised. A classic internet conspiracy, and great publicity for Wikileaks; a possible twist in this tail.

In the recording Assange did sound like he had a horrible cold, even through the poor quality of the recording. It is entirely possible that reduced access to the internet and the flu is the true cause of the disappearance. I’m sure we will find out soon.

Take a look at my sources doc here, and the Podcast video is below.

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