Twitter Data Grant

I recently applied for one of the Twitter data grants. My application was declined which was a shame. I think I probably wanted too much data. Not to be deterred I have applied for money elsewhere. I want data to do some analysis on response to political events by twitter users, with a view to understanding how twitter users interact with debates around politics. Fingers crossed I have more success this time.

Book Publication

I have been trying to get a book off the ground for a couple of weeks. I don’t want to give too much away but it will (I hope) be about who has access to knowledge and for what purpose. Its a book that I have been planning in my head for a while. Problem is that it doesn’t sit neatly into a theme of academic publishing, it sort of sits between themes. Therefore getting the proposal to the right editor at the right publisher is proving difficult.

Work Package 4 is Go!

The 2nd and 3rd of July 2012 saw the official launch of the Work Package 4 of the Tipping Points Project at Durham University. By all accounts it went very well. Lots of interesting presentations, excellent discussion and lots of good food. My own presentation of modelling audience behaviour (standing ovations) generated some good discussion, which was very helpful as the work is very much in the early stages of development. Next job is to publish it, probably as a model system for a tipping point system before developing it further for testing ideas around audience behaviour. Some great ideas about some experiments that could be done too.

Lots of work to come…

One year into the Tipping Points project and things are starting to really get going. One paper in submission and another excepted into a conference that will most likely be worked up into a full journal paper. About to submit a conference abstract to the European Conference on Complexity, and the possibility to present some work to the University of Kyoto (fingers crosses!).

We also presenting some work on the developmental ecology of the UK banking section at a workshop in York. This went down so well that we have been invited to a workshop in Liverpool to present things in more detail! All good stuff.