Two Conference Presentations

I have been at two conferences this week. Number one was the CoSMoS workshop at the Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation conference. Where I presented a paper titled, “Going Around Again: Modelling Standing Ovations with a
Flexible Agent-based Simulation Framework”. This paper was about how I have refactored an existing simulation platform for a new but related purpose. The process that we go through to develop agent based simulations is as important as the simulations themselves. A simulation is as only as good as its worse assumption, and using the CoSMoS process can really help with identifying and documenting assumptions, and structuring the simulation in a systematic way.

Number two was at the European Conference on Complex Systems, in the Complexity in the Real World Stream. Here I presented a paper on, “Agent-based Modelling of the Emergence of the UK Banking Sector” on behave of myself and my collaborator Simon Mollan. I think a better title for this talk could perhaps have been, “A Longitudinal Study of the Population of UK Banks”. Simon collected an unique database that details the changes of a great many of the banks active in the UK. We then developed this data-set further have recently been modelling some of the population level behaviour that we have seen in the data. Slides for this talk will be made available.

Work Package 4 is Go!

The 2nd and 3rd of July 2012 saw the official launch of the Work Package 4 of the Tipping Points Project at Durham University. By all accounts it went very well. Lots of interesting presentations, excellent discussion and lots of good food. My own presentation of modelling audience behaviour (standing ovations) generated some good discussion, which was very helpful as the work is very much in the early stages of development. Next job is to publish it, probably as a model system for a tipping point system before developing it further for testing ideas around audience behaviour. Some great ideas about some experiments that could be done too.