William Hague Statement on Snowden Leaks 10th June 2013

I’m going to collect together important reports and parliamentary discussions etc on political response to the Snowden leaks. Partly for my own research into the leaks, but also as I think its useful to dig these things out into one place.

This is the statement from, and questions to William Hague MP (foreign security at the time) on the 10th of June 2013. The whole debate has an air of, “nothing to see here”. Interesting as before William Hague MP, Kenneth Clarke MP talks about his visit to a Bilderberg group meeting. Also has a humorous, “nothing to see here”, feeling to it.

The statement misses the point, spending a lot of the time praising good work of the security agencies. They do much good work, but it doesn’t justify the extreme level of invasion into our private lives by home and foreign security agencies. Or the systematic undermining of the security of the internet. Which could be exploited by organisations that aren’t there to look after us.

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