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President Trump Twitter Word Cloud Last 2000 tweets

Had another crack at this, its interesting to see what Trump’s tweets are doing. This is using R and Twitter4J again, so more like the first one that I did.

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Crypto Wars Podcasts

My first attempts at podcasts for this site, produced sometime ago on YouTube, were two videos about the Crypto Wars. This is the story about the attempts to control the use of strong encryption in the late 1990s, and then … Continue reading

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Total Systemic Failure?

My new paper, “Total Systemic Failure?”, is out (this link should get you a free copy for a limited time). I wanted to write something that was more a big picture look at how the world is working. Or perhaps … Continue reading

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Trump Twitter Word Cloud Update

I re-did the President Trump Twitter Word Cloud, the updated word cloud is below. I now have a version of Twitter4J that has the capacity to download the extended tweets of 280 chars. Also trumps tweeting is pretty high volume … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Twitter Word Map

I used twitter4j and R to make a word map of Donald Trump’s tweets. I thought it would be interesting to see what his most used words are. The program downloads 3000 of his most resent tweets, unfortunately it cannot … Continue reading

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What do you do with the Panama Data?

The released Panama data comes in the form of a Neo4J database, or the files that you can make one with, seems to me a little tricky to do much with. There is no detail beyond attributes of the different … Continue reading

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