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Supply Chains Need Protection from Covid-19

Covid-19 coronavirus is bound to have significant impact on global supply chains as it impacts all sectors of the economy. See graphs from the Spectator for illustration. It is also somewhat unprecedented as it in many area both supply and … Continue reading

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Total Systemic Failure?

My new paper, “Total Systemic Failure?”, is out (this link should get you a free copy for a limited time). I wanted to write something that was more a big picture look at how the world is working. Or perhaps … Continue reading

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Updated Daniel Morgan Network

I have processed more of the Daniel Morgan data, and thus have an updated network of the data. Below is a visualisation of the data produced by extracting the network structure from Neo4J using R and iGraph, then saving the … Continue reading

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What do you do with the Panama Data?

The released Panama data comes in the form of a Neo4J database, or the files that you can make one with, seems to me a little tricky to do much with. There is no detail beyond attributes of the different … Continue reading

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Daniel Morgan Murder

After listening to the Daniel Morgan podcast, Untold, I became really interested in the murder investigation. To help me follow it I started building a network of all the key people, organisations, and events in the case. The networks this … Continue reading

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Panama Revisted

The people over at The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists have updated the released panama data.┬áIts not clear to me if that is more data than they had already released, or that this time it is a ready made Neo4J … Continue reading

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